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UUDWin is a hassle free Windows 16/32/64bit compatible program designed to make it easy to quickly extract binary files encoded in a variety of formats commonly used to send data through Email and the Internet. UUDWin supports UUencode, XXencode, Binhex4, MIME Base64, MIME Quoted-Printable, MIME Text/Plain, Bnews and yEncode encoding formats. It's the easiest to use, most forgiving message decoder available for the Windows platform! No sorting, formatting or other processing of messages is required. UUDWin does it all for you. It supports drag & drop and the clipboard. Best of all it's available FREE!
New version Jan-21-2018
UUDWin 32 & 64bit Version 2.72 for Windows 9x / NT4 to Windows10 !
UUD32Win example application window

New features:
* Updated U/I, toolbar, icons & bug fixes. DPI aware
* More file info in pop-up menu
* Keyboard file select, Wildcard search & select  

Download and installation instructions:

  1. Click on a link to begin downloading:
    Platform Application  Portable Versions
    Installer UUDAllInst.exe
    Installer for all platforms
    V2.72 (1082KB)
    ( Portable versions have the same files,
    EXE just renamed to activate portability! )
    64bit WinXP-Win10
     Manual Install x64 portable version
    Manual Install
    32 bit Win98-Win10
    Manual Install
    x86 portable version
    Manual Install
    (Win 3.1)
    setup165.exe Old version manual install(244KB)
  2. Locate and run the file you downloaded. Once the file is run, the installation will begin or the archive will open.
  3. Zip archive file: You may need to download a zip archive extraction utility such as 7-Zip, available at

Trooper WinVN Usenet News Reader Winvn icon

Last update Jan-21-2018
My favorite Usenet News reader WinVN has been dormant in the development department for more than a decade, so I've updated it myself. I initially updated the original NASA maintained source from here , but later found a much improved German version maintained by Peter Heirich. I've incorporated my changes into these versions. I used Jordan Russell's nice, free, installation program INNO Setup to handle WinVN's install/uninstall.

Choose the file to download:
Platform Files
winvn17-all.exe v0.99.17.0 (1.2MB)
Installer for all platforms Win95-Win10, 32 & 64bit!

*SSL support requires OpenSSL V1.0.2 available at

32 bit x86
(For All windows versions Windows 95 through Windows 10)

*SSL support requires OpenSSL Win32 v1.0.2 x86 available at

Because SSL can use strong crytography it can be illegal to export the files to certain countries. So rather than have to deal with export restrictions, you'll have to find the files yourself.
64 bit
x64 version x64
(For 64bit Windows XP through Windows 10)

*SSL support requires OpenSSL Win64 v1.0.2 available at

for developers Winvn source code V17 (4.0MB)
Be sure to remove any old gwinsock.dll files from the WinVN folder! (It's now built-in)
Recent changes:
Additional fixes by Ray Dunn
Additional fixes from Peter Heirich's 0.99.10 beta4 [de] version
See many addtional changes in readme.txt file in the archive.
(TIP - Use WinVn with UUDWin's monitor file option to easily process files while they are being downloaded!) X

You can send me feedback at email if you wish.
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